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Everybody has the experience of too much waiting in a bar or in a restaurant. Also it is not rare that we are looking for coins in our wallet or realize later that we have not enough cash to pay for what we have ordered. These are small problems, but without these small problems your day is better.

We are CANTWAITER team

We are everybody. We are guests. We are hungry sometimes, and of course we have favourite restaurant or cafe. We like to go partying, and we like to spend our precious time to things we really beleive important. And we, just like you, don't want to waste time.

Why we are not able to enjoy the same quality of service that we had earlier. Now, there is a quite simple answer for it: lack of human resources in catering sector. What is more, the trends do not show any better future. In Europe less and less students want to be waiter or waitress, and also the demography of Europe shows that there are less and less youngsters. So unfortunately handling the problem in classic way will not lead us to any improvement.

We started to think how can we help here. There must be a solution, there must be help for this sector. The solution is in our hand, our smartphone. We develpoed CANTWAITER application to help the business owner to improve theire service quality in parallel for the guests to enjoy the comfort and speed of their smartphone in their favourite place. Anytime anywhere, with CATNWAITER you can be impatient and WAIT. NO. MORE.